Thursday, August 28, 2008

through the looking glass

This morning, we headed to the Zoo to meet up with Aunt Kristen & Cousin Riley. It's been fun to see the two older cousins (Mikayla & Riley are 10 months apart) interact with one another now that they are getting a little bigger. Today was all about seeing the animals "through the looking glass".

saying hello to the polar bear...who was actually quite playful today!

Austin enjoying his stroller ride
...he missed Parker today!

What fun it is to be able to spend time with family and a little bit of time at the Zoo in the nice weather doesn't hurt!


vicki said...

It looks like you and Riley were having so much fun! Your hair is getting so long! Especially your ponytails.
Miss you lots!
Grammy and Papa

boosmom said...

I had so much fun. Parker was super jealous he couldn't come, but I wanted time with you guys and my mom. While we were gone Parker started walking, and tonight, he walked across the entire house by himself (I taught him).
The pictures turned out good, next time can we go to OMSI?
Love Riley

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