Monday, August 4, 2008

no use crying over spilt milk

Last night at dinnertime we decided to start being more consistent at having Mikayla drink her milk out of a regular cup rather than her sippy cup. I am a big fan of sippy spilling (except for the occasional leaks) and they are so easy to transport. Don't fret, we're not saying goodbye to the sippy cup just yet. It will still be used on many of an occasion. We just thought it was time to add another task to her "big girl" status. She has been drinking out of a cup for awhile now (ever since learning the new skill while in the bathtub-yuck!), but we thought it was time to have it right next to her plate at mealtime.

Here is our "big girl" enjoying her milk.
"More, please, Daddy"
And then came...
...spilt milk!
The one reason I didn't want to transition to the big girl cup!
At least I had the sense to only fill it a quarter of the way.
But, seriously, doesn't this look like a shark?

At least she's willing to clean it up herself!


vicki said...

WOW! Mikayla, what a big girl you are becoming. Great job in "cleaning" up after yourself.

boosmom said...

I was given some great advice in this area - never pour more into the cup than you are willing to clean!

What a big girl Mikayla is!

Love Aunt Kristen

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