Wednesday, August 20, 2008

one determined little man

Yesterday, Mikayla decided to take the couch cushions off to use as a play area for her toys. Honestly, I was OK with this (other than the crumbs that fell out when she took off the cushions) because I was just happy that she wasn't whining about wanting to watch Bug's Life or Madagascar or "Cookie Monster" (aka Monsters, Inc.). We honestly don't watch that much television (or at least that's what I tell myself), but I never should have introduced her to movies.

Somehow, I obviously got off topic. Back to the story...

Austin's favorite thing to do right now (besides eating) is to try to take the exact toys that Mikayla is playing with. Well, you guessed it, just like any other 2-year old, she isn't willing to share. Although, magically when Austin is taking toys from his little friends, she says, "Share Austin." She can give it, but she can't take it. Well, yesterday was just like any other day with this "sharing" dilemma, but Mikayla thought she would be smart and try to create a blockade, so that Austin couldn't get to her toys. Does she know her brother? He is determined. He loves to climb. And nothing can stand in his way. You can't blame a girl for trying.

Poor girl, I just kind of let him do it, but I just thought it was too funny, especially this last picture where she's looking at me with a look of "Mom, aren't you going to help me?"


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