Friday, October 24, 2008

a fairy, a monkey, a tiger? oh my!

On Wednesday, my friend, Kim, invited us to go with her and some other friends to a pumpkin farm. It was an "interesting" morning, but the kids had a blast going on a hay ride, playing in corn, and seeing all the animals (which there just so happened to be a camel, baby lion, tiger, and some other exotic animals that I have never even seen at the zoo before!) Nothing I would expect at a pumpkin farm, so this was part of the "interesting" morning (among other things...)

The whole idea was to dress our kiddos up in their Halloween costumes so we could get a little more use out of them other than just one night. We were so lucky to have such great made it a whole lot easier to pack up, load up, and go!

the costume crew

Mikayla navigating Austin through the pumpkin patch

playing in the "corn box"
the kids checking out the baby lion
at one point he was playing chase with the kids

talking to the tiger

Kenneth & Mikayla hand in hand
my sweet monkey who was such a good little guy all morning!


Lyndsie Miles said...

How fun! And what cute pictures you got as well!
It seems like we just have the Halloween costumes on just about every day from the moment they're finished.

heidi said...

VERY cute!! I really hate spending money on a costume only to use it for a few hours 1 night. Grrr.

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