Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tackling the little things

4/1/09 - Updated to add: This post is part of Masked Mommy's Cupboard Pow Wow! Check out all the cupboard transformations by clicking on the Pow Wow button to the left.

Seriously, I don't think I would get anything "extra" done around here (besides the everyday tasks) if it weren't for Tackle it Tuesday. I have been meaning to organize 3 different spaces for quite a long time. Of course, I have more than just these 3 spaces that need a little TLC, but these are the ones that have gotten to me the most! These spaces aren't seen by our visitors or guests, but I see them every day. And every day the disorganization has bothered me, so FINALLY I have taken the challenge to tackle it today!

Space #1 - the kids' toiletries cupboard

(this picture was taken after I gathered up the children's first aid/medicine supplies and put them all in one container...
just try to picture it a little bit messier)

(don't let the top shelf fool you...usually it's full of towels, but since our washing machine has been broken for 2 weeks now, we're out of bath towels and are now moving on to beach towels-don't worry we're getting it fixed tomorrow!)

Space #2 - the kitchen misc. drawer


(I bought the sectioned organizer at least a month ago...
that's how long I have been wanting to organize this drawer)

Space #3 - the kids' servingware cupboard


It feels great to say that I got some things done, but now I'm off to go clean up the things that everyone can see without having to open a cupboard or drawer, like this...

Seriously, how does this happen?
I swear I just had this all picked up!

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Forgetfulone said...

Great tackle! The before and after photos are super. Doesn't it feel good to cross a couple of jobs off the list.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have things in order.

Unknown said...

So nice and clean and now you have room for more stuff!

heidi said...

It seems as soon asyou turn your back they are tearing it all up again, doesn't it? Sheesh!

Great tackles! I think I'm gonna hit my silverware drawers next week.

Jess @ Just a Blink said...

You have inspired me to tackle my kids' serving ware cupboard.

I know there are sippys without straws and plastic cups from Red Robin (hamburger restaurant) that will be removed in a heartbeat!

Nice addition to Masked Mommy's Pow-WoW!

The Masked Mommy said...

Man, those kid's cabinets just really get out of control, don't they? Looks great!

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