Tuesday, October 28, 2008

talk about new traditions

Halloween is almost here! In our home, we try not to focus on the spookiness of the season, primarily because our children are young and that may not go over well at bedtimes. But we do love us some treats and dressing up is always fun to do!

As the kids get older, I want to start making new traditions for the holidays. This year, I decided to make each of the kids a Halloween "bucket" (for lack of a better term) where I could put little goodies in for them to have on Halloween Day. The concept is pretty much like Easter, but in the Fall! And I plan on telling them that a special guest dropped them off (I'll have to come up with who for another year...maybe a Halloween fairy? You know, the cute, sweet kind...remember nothing spooky!)

I found these cute little orange buckets at Walmart for $1.00 each. The ribbon was only $.97 a spool. I like how the buckets are small, so that way I don't have to find a lot of things to fill them up...

...well, apparently I didn't have any trouble finding things to fill them up. My little goodies didn't quite fit. I'll have to think "smaller in size" next year. I didn't want to give them lots of candy since they will get candy with trick or treating. In Mikayla's bucket she has Dora Halloween stickers, Craisins, pumpkin Pez, and a "dress up" My Little Pony. Austin's bucket is filled with a pumpkin key chain and goldfish crackers. (Shhh... don't tell him he didn't get much this year. Will a 1-year old really notice the difference? I don't think so!)

Onto another tradition...

Last year my in-laws bought Mikayla a Halloween book, "A Pumpkin for Pooh". I thought that this would be a fun tradition where we could get a book every year that we could read at Halloween time. Mikayla is really into Dora these days, so when I saw "Dora's Costume Party" I just had to do it! (Hey, if Dora helps Mikayla brush her teeth than Dora gets a special place in our home...)

And lastly, I couldn't resist decorating trick or treat bags for my kids for all of the Halloween treats to be had in the coming years (which I found on clearance at Target for $1.48 a piece!). The last time I showed these bags, I only had the names painted (stenciled) on, but my mom gave me a great idea to add some cute ribbon to the top. I was thinking about adding more, but she also gave me the idea of adding a little bit each year when I come across something I like. That way, I'm not trying to just "make it work".

**The thing I like best about this picture is that the sign says to RELAX which is perfect at this moment because there is a flaw in the ribbon on Mikayla's bag where it's missing a white dot-right in the front! For me, it stands out like a sore thumb! But I'm reminding myself to RELAX and let it go. (Those of you who know me well will probably guess that sooner or later I WILL rip the ribbon off and put a new one on. I'll try to resist, but I just can't help myself!)


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