Saturday, October 25, 2008

say it with cookies

In keeping with the festive spirit of the season, we "whipped" up a batch of pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies for our neighbors. One thing I want my children to learn is that it is very important to bless others as often as you can. Sometimes it's just in a smile, a home cooked meal, a little treat, or sending a card. I have always enjoyed the feeling I get from making someone else smile when they least expected it.

Each year, I enjoy making some goodies for our neighbors at various special holidays (the most popular being Fall, Christmas, and Easter). Last year, I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread, but this year I thought since Mikayla was at the age to be my little helper, we would try something where she could have a part, too. And, seriously what 2-year old wouldn't love to decorate cookies with frosting and sprinkles?

Step 1: make the cookie dough
(chill for 2 hours, and then while kids take their naps, bake them in the oven)

Step 2: after nap, frost the cookies

(I have to admit, it was hard not to help her spread it evenly on the cookie...
I'm working on giving up control!)

Step 3: a little frosting taste test

Step 4: time for sprinkles!
Step 5: dig in to some deliciousness!
look at how jealous Austin is because he can't have one...
...but that didn't stop him from trying!
Today, we set off to deliver our goodies to the neighbors. It was so sweet to watch Mikayla get so excited. She is quite a shy little girl (just like her mommy), but she came's that feeling of blessing others, I'm sure! Only 2 of the 4 neighbors were home, so we had to leave the other 2 on the front step. When we were all done, Mikayla wanted to go deliver some more! That's my girl!

the little elves

Do you take treats to your neighbors? If so, what do you bring and when do you usually do it?

**For the recipe and a snapshot of the final product, check it out here.



vicki said...

What a wonderful way to get my grandchildren into the spirit of giving. It looks like they had a great time. Too bad Austin couldn't have one. :)

boosmom said...

Riley and Parker share Reindeer feed they make with oatmeal and glitter. They give it to the neighbors near the Holiday's, and last year we were all out sprinkling it on our lawns at the same time, in hopes Santa and his Reindeer would see it and stop by our house!

Lyndsie Miles said...

We're doing this tonight! We love making treats for our neighbors. It's a favorite for our Monday family nights. Those cookies looked super good!

Anonymous said...

oh yum!!!

Smith Family said...

What a wonderful idea Heidi!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love that you made pumpkin cookies for the neighbors. It is so sweet and so fun to do, plus it teaches a great lesson! :)

Sarah said...

I love this idea. I do not do enough for my neighbors, but now you have inspired me to do it.

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