Sunday, October 5, 2008

fall decor, here I come!

Recently, I have been inspired by SO MANY blogs that have shared their beautiful fall decorations, many of them with handmade decor that are so amazing. I am a huge fan of fall decor and the colors that it adds to my home. I haven't gotten my fall decor up around the house quite yet, although my mind is turning with ideas of what I would like to do. There is one project that I really wanted to try out this year because it looked so simple, yet so cute! After coming home from a weekend away scrapbooking, I still had my creative juices flowing, so I attempted this idea and I love how it turned out!

Here is my creation:

The inspiration behind this was gathered from here and here.

I'm not sure this is the perfect spot for these cute little things yet, but as soon as I get cracking on that fall decor box, I will be sure to find them their perfect home for the coming months.

**I used stencils for the letters and penciled an outline, then painted them in with black acrylic paint. To top it off, I added some ribbon to the stem of each pumpkin. It only cost me $.60 each for the pumpkins, $.97 for the ribbon (which I didn't even use half of), and less than $1.00 for the black paint, which will get many uses in the future. I can say this took no longer than 30 minutes to create and what a cute addition for this year's fall decor. Love it! Try it!


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