Thursday, October 30, 2008

straight from Pixie Hollow

Ryan and I did something that we usually never do...

...we bought a new release Disney movie. Usually we rent them for $.99 or borrow them from friends. We actually don't watch that many movies. Honestly. I did buy Madagascar when it was on sale for $10 during the summer (which I think is such a cute movie and can't wait until Madagascar 2 comes to the theaters!) Hello, rambling, now back to the new movie...

For Halloween this year we had planned on Mikayla being Tinkerbell. For Mikayla's 2nd birthday, she was given Tinkerbell wings, a crown, a wand, and an outfit from her Uncle Eric & Aunt Kristen. Unfortunately, Mikayla is a little above average for a 2-year old, so she quickly grew out of the outfit. Thankfully, my friend Sarah's daughter had been Tinkerbell in one of her dance recitals when she was around Mikayla's age, so she had a costume for us to borrow! I couldn't believe how well the outfit all came together and for free! So, what do we do to celebrate? Spend the money we saved on the costume to buy the movie. On sale, of course.

Mikayla got to watch the movie today and I tried to make it into a special deal. She bought into it because you should have seen her checking out the DVD case and how excited she was. At different points throughout the movie, she would say, "thank you, mommy, for the special movie". Do I have a sweet girl or what? After watching the movie, I think she is even more excited to be Tinkerbell at Halloween...or am I the one who is more excited?

Being very curious about this "special" movie

She has to have her special blankie and dolly to watch her special movie
Tomorrow night should be fun. I plan on trying to make Mikayla look a bit more like Tinkerbell than the last time I had the kids dress up in their costumes. (We'll see if we can get her to forego the rubber boots.) Her hair is long enough for a cute little bun on the top of her head and I can't wait to add just a little bit more to make her have extra rosy cheeks. Ah, to have a girl to dress up!

Our sweet Tinkerbell down on the farm

Oh, and in case you're wondering, our "little monkey" Austin is going to be... a little monkey. It wouldn't make sense any other way! I'm serious.


vicki said...

It looks like you were enjoying your new special movie. You are going to be a sweet Tinkerbell.
Happy Halloween to you and Austin, the little monkey.
Grammy and Papa

heidi said...

My girls have been BEGGING for this movie.

Your little tinkerbell is such a dollface!

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