Tuesday, November 18, 2008

works for me wednesday - themed baby shower gifts

Recently I was invited to a baby shower for a friend of mine who was having her first baby. I was so excited to do some shopping for her little guy and since this was her first I didn't have to be on the hunt for just "practical" things like diapers and wipes. I could do a little splurging because she and her husband were starting from scratch. Many of my friends are on their second or third child, so lately the theme has been "get them what they need". Which, let's be honest, isn't as fun as getting them something a little less practical. I try to get a few things off their registry and then add some other goodies that I think they might like. Since I'm a sucker for themes and I really enjoying giving gifts in a basket or container, I usually go the themed route. Works for me!

I wish I had taken more pictures throughout the years for samples of things I could recreate, but here are a couple I have to share. The first gift is the one I recently gave. The second gift is one I gave over 2 years ago to a friend who was having her second. (I kind of feel like my gift wrapping abilities has gotten much cuter over the years.)

Bath Tub Basket
2 bath tub toys (off the registry), set of washcloths, lotion,
baby bath wash, 2 Baby Einstein washcloth puppets

Changing Table Necessities Basket
wipes, lotion, change of outfit, diaper rash cream, baby powder,
toy for distraction, changing table pad (off the registry)

I thought I would share some other themed baby shower gift ideas...

First Aid Basket
first aid kit
electrical outlet covers
finger nail clippers
door locks
infant Tylenol
gas drops

Bath Tub Basket (more ideas that can be added to the gift basket pictured above)
hair comb and brush
hooded towel
rubber duck (with or without thermometer)

Clothing Accessories Basket
hand mittens

Feeding Time Basket
bottle nipples
bottle cleaner
bottle warmer

Nursery Theme Basket (you can even find out the theme or colors of the baby's room)
baby lamp
outlet covers
crib bedding

Books in Basket
Check out this cute "basket of books" idea over at Buzzings of a Queen Bee that works as a themed baby shower gift, too.

Giving a themed baby shower gift basket always shows that your gift was chosen with extra care and attention. Remember you can be as elaborate as you want or as simple as you want. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a good impression!

If you have any other themed baby shower gift ideas, I'd love for you to share!

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boosmom said...

Another great idea is a gift for mom, especially for a mom shower. Along the same lines as first aid, only mom emergency: Chocolate candys for mom, gift card for free movie rental, popcorn, paper plates, box of mac and cheese, bubble bath etc.

mub said...

These are great ideas! I just made a little ribbon blankie for a shower gift which would work really well in one of these baskets.

Heidi Boos said...

Thanks, Kristen, for the great idea for the "just for mom" themed gift. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly Heidi! How do you do all of this???? I have to go to sleep now. Reading about everything you do and create has worn me out- aaaamazing. Really though, I am inspired and instead of googling new ideas, I am just going to go straight to your blog! -Erin Banks

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