Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas family fun - part one

I'm working on catching up and getting back to some sort of's taking me longer than I expected.

We had a great time this last week spending time with family! Last Tuesday morning, we headed to my parents' house a little earlier than expected due to the crazy and unusual "Arctic Blast". It took us an hour to get from our home to theirs when it usually only takes 20 minutes. However, slow and steady got us there safe and with no dents.

My parents have a fairly steep and long gravel driveway that only a few drive on, so we had to meet my dad at the bottom of the hill, and then we transferred all of our stuff from our van to his 4-wheel drive suburban (with chains!) so we could make it up the hill. I closed my eyes the whole way...I'm such a chicken! Ryan drove back into Newberg and we kept our car at my brother's house, and then my brother drove Ryan back out to my parents' house. After it was all done and we were all safe (and warm), we hunkered down for some family fun over the next 5 days.

Christmas Eve Day -

After lunch on Christmas Eve, we made a gingerbread house that we had picked up before vacation in hopes of doing it sometime earlier. I'm glad we hadn't done it yet and decided to bring it along because it ended up being a great activity for the kids, especially my 8-year old nephew. While Jacob helped me decorate the gingerbread house, the two toddlers got to decorate the cookies that came along with it.

Mikayla says, "bring on the cookies!"

hard at work!
every now and then you'd see them sneak a candy or two into their mouths

of course, they each got to eat one cookie...
don't you just love food coloring?

and the other two cookies were for Santa

Jacob helping make the gingerbread house
Meet Silly, Sillier, & Silliest...
these three had a blast together over the 4 days we were there

the finished product
And while the "big kids" were busy going sugar crazy, the "little ones" were playing on their own...

Austin - 15 months

Hailey - 6 months


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