Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it only took a year

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Today, I'm talkin' it up for Talk About Tuesday hosted by The Lazy Organizer. It's the first Tuesday of the month, which means it's the Home Tour Edition...my favorite!

So, there's this little project that I have been wanting to get d0ne, but I have put it off for quite some time now. Oh, let's just say...a year? Yes, that's right, a little over a year ago we had our sweet little boy. And, unlike our first child, the nursery wasn't quite complete at the time of his arrival. I should say that most of it was done because, come on...it's me we're talking about! It just felt like something was always missing. (Not that anyone but me would actually notice.)

In the beginning, I had a hard time finding the right crib bedding for our baby boy. This was kind of a treat for us to be on the hunt because we didn't do the whole crib bedding thing with our first (it's probably because I couldn't find something I liked enough!) Much to my surprise and excitement, the ONE crib bedding set that I really like just happened to be on clearance because it was the floor model and did I mention I had a 20% off coupon?. How lucky was I?! The set came with a bumper, quilt, checkered sheets, and a valance. The diaper caddy was missing, but I wasn't going to use it anyway, so that didn't bother me. Anyway, this started my hunt to turn our room that was once our office into a little boy's room.

Here is what the bedding looks like (this is actually the quilt). I love the colors!

My mom and I took the quilt to Home Depot and found the perfect green to paint the one wall we were planning to repaint. We just held it up to the paint matching machine (is that what they call it?) and woolah! The perfect green! We left the other 3 walls "as is" because they were a cream color that went well. Why change something that works, right?

My next creative endeavor was to help spruce up the bare walls a bit. I just so happened to find some cute little wooden cut outs at JoAnns that looked just like the transportation vehicles as what was on the bedding. Again, I brought the quilt with me and found some acryclic paint and tried to match the colors as best I could.

Here are my little creations (don't look too closely)...

Here's a quick 360 degree tour...

This particular area has been complete from day one...probably the only part of the room that has. I found the square blocks that are on the green wall in our garage just waiting for them to be used somewhere! They were a perfect match to the furniture color. I knew I had saved them for something.

I had painted letters to spell the name of our son. The cute little mobile you see hanging was the final touch to this little corner. It was way to expensive to buy for when Austin was little, but this last summer I found it at a garage sale for only 3 dollars! I thought I could use it just like you see here...a little added decor. It matched exactly to the bedding. And did I mention it was only 3 dollars? In perfect condition.

The same time we hung the "mobile", I finally hung up something above the dresser. It had been sitting bare for over a year and it's the first thing you see when you walk into his room. I had to do something to spruce it up. I also found the lamp you see on the dresser on a shelf in our garage. Seriously that place is a gold mine! The changing table and baskets have been there from day one. My mom made basket liners out of blue fabric with little stars.

And finally, I found this fabric growth chart at a second hand store, and although it isn't the same brand of the bedding set, it couldn't have matched any more perfectly. This is where the mirror used to hang (that is now above the dresser), but with a blank wall underneath.

And now we've come full circle!

Thanks for taking a little tour of my little man's room. It finally feels finished and it actually feels a bit more cozy. One of these days we'll get some books on the bookshelf and maybe even add a few toys. One thing (er, year) at a time, right?

*It's a good thing I've had this little post ready to go for at least a week because there's no way I would have been able to find some time to get it together. I'm barely finding time to breathe these days!


Lyndsie Miles said...

Such a cute room! I'm not so good on the decorating and painting front... so I admire anyone who does it.
I LOVE that bedding! What a great find!

Anonymous said...

my new nephew is named Austin!

beautiful room!

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