Sunday, December 21, 2008

want to guess what this is?

Yep! That would be the leftovers of two of Mikayla's presents that suspiciously were opened this morning. And it's not Christmas morning.

While I was cleaning up after breakfast and Ryan was getting ready, the kids were "quietly playing". Of course that always raises a red flag when I can't hear what they are doing and there is no fussing going on. I went back to my bedroom and the door was locked, so I used the key to open it and what do I find? My sweet darling daughter holding her package of Dora blocks in her hand and saying, "I like it."

I froze. In confusion. Didn't I just wrap that last night? And wasn't it hidden? Then I saw the wrapping paper remnants and another present that had been opened. Through tears (hers, not mine, although I was close) I tried explaining to her that these are NOT her toys (sorry, I had to lie) and that she shouldn't open presents that are wrapped. (She did say at one point that Austin did it, but I'm sure they both had a hand in it.) After composing herself, all of the sudden she said "Happy Birthday everybody!" Awww, isn't that just like a two-year old to turn a frustrated mommy to laughter?

And, yes, I will re-wrap the presents (in different paper) and put them up higher this time. These 2 presents were supposed to be from Santa, so we'll see how I can make that work now.

I bet you're glad this isn't a post about the "surprise" we found in Austin's crib when he woke up this morning. Let's just say we had to do a load of wash and despite having a bath last night, he needed another one this morning. Yuck.


Sarri said...

Yikes!! Never a dull moment, huh? It makes a great story though!

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