Thursday, December 11, 2008

this is the part where our legs start to hurt

Day 4 of our vacation found us back to Disneyland & California Adventure. We awoke a little earlier than our first day to Disneyland since we knew the parks would be closing a little earlier. We arrived pretty close to when the park opened and got the most coveted tourist picture at Disneyland as we entered the gates (don't mind the construction equipment in the background... bummer).

We decided to head to the Indiana Jones ride first since we knew there would be longer lines as it got later in the day. We were able to get right onto the ride with no waiting! It is amazing to see how long the lines could be. Sometimes it takes us a good 3 minutes just to walk to the front. I can't imagine having to wait that whole way! I was willing to go on the ride, but had to do it with my eyes closed (I know I'm a wimp!) I hate scary things, but love the rides and this was a mixture of both. I told Ryan that if he wanted to ride it again he would have to do it without me. So, I waited for him as he did it one more time to get it out of his system.

Next we took the Jungle Cruise where the "tour guide" was actually pretty funny, which made it a little less boring. Although it was a pretty low key ride, it's always a classic!

We decided to head toward the Small World ride next since that's a must when you visit Disneyland. They had redecorated the ride with all things holiday, and it was so beautiful. I've decided that I would love to be on the Disneyland decor team, especially for the holidays!

We also hit Thunder Mountain Railroad one more time, took a quick ride on Winnie the Pooh (for the kids...oh, wait, they weren't with us) and visited Santa's Reindeer Roundup, where we saw Santa's reindeer. Although I didn't see Rudolph...

Since we had been on most of the rides at Disneyland (except for Fantasyland), we headed over to California Adventure, where we took in the Sesame Street 3D show, rode the new Monsters, Inc. ride and Ryan even got me to go on the Tower of Terror, which I actually enjoyed!

We also briefly watched the Magic of Disney show, where we saw Cinderella, Woody, and Mickey.

We rode the Muholland Drive roller coaster, along with California Screamin' (our favorite ride) and Ryan took the sky rocket plunge. For some reason, I didn't want to join him on this. I wonder if it had anything to do with the puke shields that made me a little nervous.

We ended the day heading back over to Disneyland to take in the Holiday Disney Parade. This definitely got me in the holiday spirit!

It was another fun day, but our feet and legs were definitely aching and we were longing for some down time, so we were so glad that the next day was our day off and our chance to sleep in, lounge around, and take a look around the resort. If we keep going like this we'll need a vacation from our vacation!


Anonymous said...

you guys are having a great time! congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow Heidi! It looks like you guys are having so much fun! I'm SO happy for you!


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