Monday, December 1, 2008

don't give up on me!

I'm still here, wanting to blog so badly, but trying really hard to get things done in the next 6 days I have before my husband and I leave for Southern California. What? I didn't tell you that we are celebrating our 5-year anniversary with a trip to see the sites? Yes, we are being crazy and taking off a week during the busiest time of the year to enjoy many of the well-loved California attractions. Unfortunately, we are leaving our 1-year old munchkin and 2 1/2-year old princess behind, which is breaking my heart just talking about it. Part of me says, "what in the world are you thinking?" (please tell me my kids won't need therapy for us abandoning them) and the other part says, "this will be some much needed and enjoyed time with just your husband". We wanted to visit the Happiest Place on Earth during the most beautiful season...Christmas! Luckily, our kiddos will be in good hands with the grandparents and I'm sure the week will fly by quickly! Right? Please someone tell me the week will fly by quickly!

In the meantime, while I continue to cross off (and add) things on my list, here is a quick little post showcasing our Muffin Tin Monday hosted by Her Cup Overfloweth. There was no theme this week, but we were able to have TWO muffin tins this week. I don't know...I must have been on a roll or something!

apple slices, pizza bites, cucumbers, apples, more pizza bites, raspberry yogurt

YoGos, PB&J bites, veggie booty, grapes, more PB&J bites, Satsuma oranges (which, by the way, didn't go over too well with the toddler's tastebuds!)

Next week's theme is Christmas stories and you better believe I'm going to try my hardest to squeeze this one in before I leave! It sounds like too much fun! Wanna join me?

I do have some fun pictures of Mikayla swimming and our Thanksgiving with lots of cousins to share, not to mention a few fun holiday goodies, but this short post for today (very early today) will have to do for now. Let's hope I'll get a chance to break away from my list of things to do and stop back by here.


Lyndsie Miles said...

So much fun! I would be the same way leaving my little ones, but they will be just fine and super happy as well!

UtahJenny said...

Cute tins! - have a great trip - we did a trip when our two little girls were about the same ages as yours, and we survived - it was actually very nice and I still had some fun even though I missed them like crazy. They had a great time - auntie emailed photos each day, too!

Sandy said...

They look mighty tasty:)

Annie said...

They both look so good! Have a great trip!

' said...

My son would flip over that second one!... the contents, not the tin. He would tell me flowers are for girls... where is he hearing things like that? Ugh!

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