Saturday, December 13, 2008

a little traffic can't slow us down

It felt like half of Day 6 of our vacation was spent in our car sitting in traffic. We headed to Universal Studios in Hollywood. As much as I love to "catch a glimpse of fame", I figured we were in for some much needed patience as we had quite a bit of traffic on the way there, and we knew we would be in for it on the way back also.

We started off the morning by taking the Studio Tour, which is where you get to ride around on a tram and visit the back lot full of real life movie stages and sets, along with some "pretend" props that gives the ride a bit of a thrill. I remember how scary this used to be when I first took this ride when I was younger. This was my third time, so it had begun to lose its "newness" and I knew what to expect. So, this time I was more on a hunt to see if I would see anyone famous. Although they were doing some filming of various projects, I didn't see anyone I recognized.

For some reason, I wasn't very picture happy on this particular day...

Things we conquered while at Universal:

*Studio Tour
*Simpsons ride (new)
*Mummy Returns ride - which believe it or not I went on TWICE!! My eyes were completely closed the first time, but the ride was a roller coaster (with creepy things of course), so it was an amazing thrill! The second time, I peaked, but just a little
*Special Effects Stage
*Backdraft demonstration
*Jurassic Park ride
*Animal Actors show
*Shrek 4D
*ended the day with Waterworld, which is an amazing live show with lots of special effects

Of course, we couldn't leave the park without snapping a picture with Shrek & Fiona. Mikayla's going to love this!

Our evening ended with sitting in traffic for 2 1/2 hours when it should have taken us just a little over an hour to get back. Thankfully we both were quite patient since we knew there was nothing we could do about it. (I think these long lines we've endured this week have helped with our patience!) So, we just turned on our radio and listened to Christmas music.


meredith said...

I'm so glad you guys have had such a great time! I've been praying for you. Looking forward to hearing some more stories!

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