Wednesday, December 3, 2008

countdown to Christmas

My wonderful seamstress of a mother "whipped up" this here little advent calendar for my kids this year. I had found one I liked with a hefty price tag while browsing the web and instead of trying to put my own craftiness to work, I thought I would pawn it off onto my mom. She was up for the challenge and our much anticipated calendar came a couple of weeks ago. We were super excited to put it up, but I held off until December 1st.

Mikayla is getting to the age where she is soaking a lot of what we tell her and show her, so she was right on board with it. At first, I was going to put a little treat inside each pocket as our countdown, but then I got to thinking how much I cherish the most important reason for this season...Jesus Christ! So, I found a cute little picture of baby Jesus in a manger on the computer, printed it off, and taped it to a popsicle stick. Mikayla gets to move baby Jesus each day until we get to Jesus's birthday. She loves to do this (although it's only been two days) and has already begun to understand that December 25th is Jesus's birthday.

Why does this work for me? It brings out the true reason for Christmas and it teaches my children why we celebrate Christmas. It's not all about presents, Christmas decorations, and yummy cookies (although we are blessed to have these traditions), but it's about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Look how excited these sweet little kiddos are!
Thanks, Grammy, for helping us start such a special tradition!

May you be blessed this holiday season and let us not forget the true reason we celebrate Christmas!

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tootie said...

Neat idea! Your mom must be very talented!

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

I am concerned with yours and your mothers definition of "whipped up"....This advent calendar is INCREDIBLE - Well done, Grandma!

And I love that you included the little baby Jesus.

Wonderful World of Crafts said...

I have to agree that your mom is very talented!!!! Guess what?!? I have a talented mom too maybe they know each other :P

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